Who collect contemporary art by the likes of Vik Muniz

Who collect contemporary art by the likes of Vik Muniz

miami beachfront retreat tour

For this project, the couple, who collect contemporary art by the likes of Vik Muniz , Jim Dine, and Chuck Close,

entrusted Krakoff to fashion a family getaway that reflects its setting.

“You go to Miami, and you feel the energy, the colorfulness, and the multiculturalism

—we wanted to celebrate that spirit,” the client says.

Krakoff interpreted that to mean “they wanted something fun, relaxed, upbeat, and optimistic.

I’m not naturally drawn to color—I don’t dislike color, but it’s not what I am known for, so I was out of my comfort zone.

Each space had to have its own flavor and character,

yet it all had to work together,” she says.

The apartment also had to be functional—it is, after all, at the beach. “There’s nothing precious in there at all.

There’s nowhere that you can’t put your feet up or sit in a wet bathing suit, or where you need a coaster,” Krakoff says.

“Those things drive me crazy.”

The decorative fireworks start at the front door. What could have been a forlorn,

back-of-house passageway was transformed by a design gesture so bold, it set the fearless tone for the rest of the apartment: a wavy,

rainbow-hued Sol LeWitt drawing that snakes through the 50-foot-long, windowless L-shaped hallway.

“I knew the space needed something really strong,” Krakoff says, noting that the LeWitt mural is “site-specific: You choose the design,

and it is tailored to fit the exact geometry of the wall.”

Around the corner, the loftlike open living space—which encompasses sitting, dining,

and kitchen areas—reveals wraparound glass views of sky and ocean, whose cerulean hues inform but by no means limit the vivid furnishings.

Jean Royère chairs, upholstered in a metallic fabric, and a shimmery dining table

by Martin Szekely top a circular hide rug whose fuchsia and navy stripes reflect in a golden console by the Campana Brothers.

The glossy white kitchen gets its juicy hit from Reed Krakoff’s new seafoam-green tableware for Tiffany & Co.

Andy Warhol’s kaleidoscopic series, “Ten Portraits of Jews of the Twentieth Century”

—penetrating images of famous Jewish personalities such as Sigmund Freud and Golda Meir—animates the family room. ออกแบบบ้าน

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